"You expect to see great pants from a band like Minden, who rock the glittery spandex nearly every show. But Purse Candy frontman Matthew Ellis hit the PDX Pop Now stage with a pair of attention-grabbing, sparkling gold pants, looking like shimmery chainmaille with disco-era flare. My roommate described them as “honeycomb pants made by fabulous bees,” and that’s a fairly accurate description. There wasn’t a lot about Purse Candy that wasn’t fabulous on the Outdoor Stage on Friday night. Laying the ‘80s electro-funk vibes on thick, the quintet busted out a groovy, synth-laden set backed by four-on-the-floor beats, solos from an awesome bearded saxophone player, the occasional cowbell and breathy, falsetto vocals. At least three of the crowd members attempted Michael Jackson-style spins throughout the show, and set to Purse Candy’s brand of smooth dance jams, it’s hard to blame them"
Willamette Week 2014